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Happy New Year : 2024

A new setting of The Lord's Prayer for Soprano/Treble voice and piano, or harp.

From earliest memories at school, the Lord's Prayer was recited in my classes. It was a consistent daily touch stone in my life, bringing further, deeper meaning when I became 'a Christian'. More recently I do reflect upon the text, seeking a connection with God from within. One meditation that I have tried, involves reciting the Prayer 'in my mind', pausing to allow the words to form images and meaning, especially the enactive case within Prayer. This process can be enlightening if central focus is maintained, it is perhaps our true inner voice in spiritual communion.

However, I struggled sometimes to remember the next line. (although this was often in the middle of the night and, being tired, the focus can wander).

I considered that a melody might help me to recall the words more precisely, as I can readily hear melodies in my mind, and therefore linking the words to the melody might assist me to complete the Prayer correctly.

I tried to compose a melody , thinking that it would by easy enough, but then quickly realised it had to be PERFECT for God. Which note might one begin on? How might the melody progress, stepwise, leap, ascending, descending?

So, I asked HIM for each note... and I am reasonably sure... they arrived. Each note had to be fitted and set in the phrase. I leave a 2 bar phrase adding a response: Exaudi nos Domine. (Hear us, oh Lord) This is because music has a sense of balance and words need to breathe.

I hope that the setting is able to connect you in musical humility with the Lord's Prayer.

There is a recording of the music below. Soprano Hannah Limbrick (RCM London) is the soloist.

There is a 3 part Kyrie in contratonus with this setting, that will be available as a choral/solo item for worship or the concert platform.

© 2023 Roland Karl Bryce

MusicStave Publishing

​The Lord's Prayer

  for Soprano/s/Mezzo

and Piano/Harp.

The Lords Prayer Cover Web.jpg

$4.99 US.

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The harp part moves from solo to accompaniment where the sacred text is the main emphasis within the song.

The voice part, although it presents no great technical difficulty it requires musical control of tone and expression which in itself can be as challenging as coloratura!

The Lords Prayer_demo.jpg


The Lord's Prayer - Roland Bryce (Composer) and Hannah Limbrick (Soprano)
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Amadeus Nursery is available as a sheet music book in Piano/vocal score, as performed on the audio CD.

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