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People have unique tastes and insights into site designs and the like.

If I shared the site with you, then I am happy for you to browse as you see fit.

Some of my personal ideas regarding the art in music are open to debate. Do have a listen and feel free to chat with me about any of my pieces. 

All that is music has its place in our life. Music can maybe just wash over us, fill you with joy, at times like an ocean it can arouse your spirit, heal the sick, purge your sorrows, reveal the divine.

Allow music to absorb you into its own unique time-locked sound world. The standing stones of Calanais can be your choir and orchestra. Imagine each stone being a singer or an instrumentlist, taking cues to listen and blend to for a symphonic whole.

Karl Meinhardt Septenary by Roland Bryce

Nuova Musica: 'new music'

Unless we listen to new music and make a place for it in the coveted world of concert programmes and staged current events, we may miss something very special that is happening right in the 'now'.

Contemporary music, within our current time.


The composer, choosing sounds, creates sounds, manipulates and codifies sounds, translating them into sonic statements and musical gestures that affect the listeners. These compostions, or ‘pieces’ if you prefer are ‘time-locked’ timbres, rhythms and harmonic relationships often dynamically specific: the silence before, the first few measures and dynamic impact, whether pp 

or ff. Then, onwards to the final cadences or, tailing-off and back to the silence.

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